Sunday, May 30, 2010

Carnage against Ahmedis in Lahore

Ahmedis are not Muslims. That's the popular belief and the only belief I have ever come across from orthodox Muslims of Pakistan. And because they call themselves Muslims, they are not termed as Kafirs (infidels). Therefore, a stage is set for explosive confrontation between majority of Muslims versus minority sects such as these. In popular Islamic terminology, they may well be referred to as Murtids. Now, the definition:

A murtid is a person who is a Muslim but has lately done something out of the box and termed as such. In simple words, if any Muslim denies the supremacy of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (salahu alihi wasalam) or has a belief such which denies him (salahu alihi wasalam) being the last Prophet of ALLAH, then that person is a murtid. Anyone doing that sort of a thing is to be killed immediately, as the historical sources point out to us. In fact, Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA) ordered war against men who claimed to be prophets themselves. Much of his 2.5 years of service as the first Kalipha (caliph) was spent fighting against false prophets. Via extension, if we follow that historical perspective (and if you are a Sunni Muslim you are supposed to do just that), then it becomes binding on the present Government of Muslims to enforce a war against people who claim themselves Muslims but deny that Holy Prophet is the last Prophet of ALLAH [Ma'az Allah].

Having said that, it must be noted that Islam prohibits men from picking up arms against other men of whatever faith they may profess. It is not in their jurisdiction to kill, maim, torture or call someone kafir or murtid. In fact, that control should be with the government. It should be the government which should decide the fate of any individual or community. If everyone starts picking up arms against people of opposing faith, we will have the modern-day Pakistan in the making. And here I am pointing fingers at the carnage which was carried this past Friday, supposedly in the name of Islam but never mentioned, by the so-called Punjabi Taliban.

No wonder, there has been no comment from Sharif brothers on this tragedy, the saviours and faun-raisers of Wahabi / Deobandi sect of Islam, people who have carried out attacks across Pakistan killing everyone including Muslims without a remorse. What a slap on the government of Zardari.

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