Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baluchistan Diary - Part 1

Just leaving for Quetta via PIA flight today at 11:20 AM INSHALLAH along with Danial of flickr.com. We plan to make a journey spanning some 14 days and intend to cover as much Baluchistan as possible. This is a funded project and therefore, we will submit all our photographs and even diary notes to our fund raiser. Obviously, Baluchuistan is facing some problems just like other parts of Pakistan but we are determined to do our work. I have been informed about the certain areas which must be covered on priority basis but detailed briefing is expected today anytime in Quetta. My brother, Ovais and my mother are dropping me at airport just now.

Will update diary from inside Baluchistan, if time permits.


RajaIslam said...
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RajaIslam said...

Good Luck Hamza with your journey. I hope we will see some good photographs of Balochistan.