Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baluchistan Diary - Day 2 / Urak

School Boy, Urak valley
Originally uploaded by Ameer Hamza
After visiting Hanna gheel early morning with Danial, we headed towards Urak valley, which is further 30 minutes from the lake. The road is in excellent condition and as this is Pashtun belt with lots of schools and fine education, there is no sign of trouble here. Atleast, we did not notice any.

As we were passing this beautiful, apple growing region, we stopped for a quick shoot of this fallen building in the background. Sky got fair enough as clouds, which had been there since morning, vanished for some part. Thus, I got this shot with a school boy going happily to school. Going happily to school is something most of us never did. So it is a double reward - to be in Baluchistan and to be witnessing a happy school kid - for Day 2.

Ok, wait for more dispatches from the field.

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