Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baluchistan Diary - Day 2 / Wali Tangi Dam

Where else on Earth do you find a bunch of happy people dancing away on top of a colonial era dam. Yes, that's what happened to us: We witnessed a proper dance sequence from the Pashtuns belonging to Urak valley, who had come here to trek and to have fun. Fun they had - and we had it too.

We reached the place after a lot of hassle on the route, which is not paved and is a dangerous one if you are a bad driver or stuck on a really bad day. Rains could easily make you go to hell. The stone is loose and slips easily. The drive is not smooth but is fantastic. What's more, you need a permission from core command, Quetta, to visit this place. And photography is not permitted. We got the pass and took the shots.

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