Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baluchistan Diary - Day 8 / Koh-e-Murdar, Quetta

Koh-e-Murdar, Quetta
Originally uploaded by Ameer Hamza
Our 8th day of travel was in Quetta. Which means that we had a rest day after a serious and hard work of 7 days across Western Baluchistan. So we went to Koh-e-Murdar, which is a mountain over-looking Cant area and Maliabad mohalla of Quetta. Our plan was to photograph this part of Quetta from the top. And we both did some photography in our own ways. However, before any work I messaged my friend, Raja Islam, and informed him about my position. Thank God that my network, Mobilink, worked here. However, it seriously failed in most parts of Baluchistan.

Look out for next photograph for a shot of Quetta from here during sun-set.

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RajaIslam said...

Thanks hamza for your message. Now I am curios to see photograph you took that night.

Anonymous said...

i took lots of shots but i really like two of them.