Monday, June 14, 2010

Baluchistan Diary - Day 7 / Ziarat Residency

Ziarat Residency
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After I had paid my salam to the Tombs of Hazrat Mulla Khan (RA) and Kharwari Baba (RA), we drank some wonderful kehwa (2 cups for me; 4 cups for Danial) and moved via Vigo towards Ziarat Residency, made famous due to Quaid's last Earthly stay. It is a place of singular magnificence and it is really not hard to imagine its beauty and charm attracting the eyes of our Great Leader. The Residency is positively surrounded by Juniper forests, one of the oldest in the world with some trees reaching a mature age of 4,500 years old. An added attraction of this place is that our currency note of Rs.100 has this Residency photographed on it.

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