Monday, November 7, 2011

Back trek to Mithramdan : Day 7 / Crossing Chilingi glacier

After packing up, final good-byes, and the usual phone-number swapping, diary writing and last shots made of the group - which did not come out as planned - we left for good. We were sighing heavily as if we had lost something dear. In this case, we'd lost a golden chance to see some of the most fascinating landscape of the world. And most of us weren't sure whether next year we would be able to return to it or not. The fast deteriorating condition of Pak-Afghan border, incursions of Taliban and imminent pull out of US Army from Afghanistan are all the likely factors which will come into play in this area's security. For now there was none.

After crossing a settlement of Gujjars we reached this beautiful landscape and instantly fell in love with it. It is not usual in this time of the year (September) that you get such a wondrous chance to shoot glacier landscapes. But I got and I shot it with 50mm lens.

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