Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Every good thing must come to an end...

The return journey
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And so it was. We were returning to from where we had all come. But before we could do that we had to settle the score with our so-called leader, Tanweer bhai. And he duly obliged to return money to those who've been over-charged. It was a lesson Tanweer would do good to remember for life. He can take on a ride a lot of people but not all. And this time his group's designs have been caught red-handed.

In this frame, you can note the still water-heavy clouds, the coloured, modified Land Cruiser and some of the group members. From R: Faheem Awan from Manshera, Muhammad Adeel, Cook Haibat Ali from Minapin and Danial Shah.

This photograph does not reveal much in terms of authenticity of expressions: We weren't happy that the end had come as it had. We were angry at being cheated. Danial was still better but not Adeel or Awan or the others in the background. Yet I feel that it came out nicely.

But we Karachi wallas, having some days left to us, decided that we should explore some areas before finally leaving for Karachi. And so our next destination wasn't Gilgit, where others would stop. We would, as I had earlier planned, stop at a tiny village called Mujavar. It was the village of Azizullah and Hafizullah, police wallas who've met us at Sokhtarabad.

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