Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Places in Pakistan: Ayun valley, Chitral dist.

Via Flickr:

September 23, 2011 at 12.42pm PKT

We were already late because I and Adeel had been roaming around the fort and then talking with the manager of the lodge. All that time, three others had been waiting impatiently near our hired car. According to them, when finally we reached them, we had wasted a lot of time and that we must be responsible, if we cannot make across the curfew. The curfew, as I was to know later, is in place every evening at Lowari tunnel due to Taliban. And I knew that we would be racing against time and military wallahs. I also knew that there would be no photography at or around Lowari tunnel, a project imitated by General Musharraf to ease the traffic flow in that strategically important area. Hence, we moved away and reached this beautiful place. Everyone, including Zahid bhai, who'd be dripping with anger, jumped out of the station wagon to shoot this stunning landscape.

One of the most beautiful valleys of Pakistan, Ayun valley is the gateway to the famous Kalash Kafir villages. I was lucky to have shaded clouds, which provided me with a classic landscape shot.

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