Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Places in Pakistan: Mujavar village (19th Sep, 2011))

After we've left Mithramdan for good, five of us had decided to drop at Mujavar, the village of Hafizullah (pictured here with brilliant apples and dark grapes) and his brother, Azizullah, the police wallah. Other group members travelled to Gilgit for their return journeys.

This was the first of many things we got to eat at the hands of Hafizullah. The fruits were fantastic, though we knew instinctively that he had only a few of them at his disposal. Grapes were rather expensive but they were just as fantastic as any. Later we would get to eat the forbidden Markhor meat (I don't know who brought it to his home for us. Markhor is a rare animal and thus not allowed to be killed for meat or game). We also had good chai, cheese and lot of other heavy stuff. We stayed here for a night and next day it was time to explore something else.

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