Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Places in Pakistan: Shoe sellet at Gakuch

Date: 21st Sep, 2011

Location: 36°10′N, 73°45′E.

Next day was a bright day at Gakuch. Also pronounced as Ghakuch. Yesterday, we had returned from Khalti lake for our night stay at Gakuch hotel. The Pathan driver also stayed over night alongwith us - in the next room. Even Hafizullah was there. Adeel was sure that Hafizullah was from the agency. What agency we both could not make out.

This was the Pathan second hand shoe seller selling all major brands. I asked him from where he got all these. He told me that it was from Karachi that he purchased in bulk. It surprised me a lot. Whereas in Karachi you can purchase shoes for Rs.800 or more, he was selling them for Rs.200-300. I was just trying to imagine the profit margins of Karachi's Pathans!

Adeel Ather, from PSO, and our travelling partner on this leg of journey, bought a pair of good-looking shoes from him.

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