Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Places in Pakistan: Clean shave, Gakuch

Date: 21st Sep, 2011

Location: 36°10′N, 73°45′E.

My friend, Adeel Ather, got down to get his face cleared of the facial hair, which had propped all around during our trek. He didn't have to wait that long. The shops at Gakuch open early, at around 8 AM. So before breakfast he found this man and for Rs.30, I think, he got the shave. And I got my shot.

You must note, as a traveller, that most barbers come from either Punjab or the areas nearby the province. Hence, most of the barbers in Pakistan - and those who work in Middle East - are either Punjabis or Hazaras. This one was Hazara and he could speak in Pashtu and Punjabi.

I should add to your knowledge this interesting bit: Due to extremely tense situation in province of Balochistan many of the barbers have fled. They were Punjabis, off course. And now Baloch and Pathans lament that there's no one to properly trim their hairs!

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