Monday, November 7, 2011

Back trek to Mithramdan : Day 8 / Wargoth camp site

Wargoth camp site
Originally uploaded by Ameer Hamza
That's me on the right with Adeel in our yellow, leaking camp. The time is 7:57 AM and we were almost freezing without a proper cup of tea. And we were of course very sad that we were returning. In fact, I was the saddest. Some others looked jolly. You cannot control your destiny sometimes; you have to go with the group, with the tide. And you need to be optimistic. As a traveller that is doubly important. In fact, must I say that being optimistic and 'open' are the virtues of a good traveller.

We soon packed up and left this most wonderful place. I hope to return to this very camp site with my family and friends. INSHALLAH.

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