Monday, November 14, 2011

Places in Pakistan: Chitral Fort

Chitral Fort, Pakistan
Originally uploaded by Ameer Hamza
Date: 23rd Sep, 2011.

After photographing and roaming around Chitral's Shahi masjid and after talking with its chief Imam, follower of Deobandi sect of Islam, we both moved towards Chitral Fort.

This is Adeel, with my heavy Lowpro camera bag, moving across the stone and mortar walls of the Chitral Fort. The area is completely shaded by giant chestnut trees (more of them later). The day was hot and a welcome sunshine as well. But too hot a day may also be not good for photography. After walking around these walls we were not permitted to enter the fort because the family of the Mir of Chitral, former rulers of the Kingdom, were here from Federal Capital, Islamabad, for their summers.

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