Friday, November 25, 2011

Daily Life: Washing at Sufi Shrine, Karachi

Date: 3rd June, 2007.

This was a good day for photography. Some great shots came through. I particularly like this one. It is full of a typical life around this Shrine of Pir Haji Syed Sakhi Sultan (RA). The hot sulphur spring water, from whose water these two men are bathing, is known to cure skin ailments. And there could be some truth in this: We know from various scientific studies that sulphur waters from spring may cure certain diseases; it also helps to make you fresh as an orange. I tried that too and was happy with the results. But not this time. I think these two men were initially embarrassed that a photographer had popped from nowhere, clicking away continuously.

I also like the worn down structure to the left of the frame, the keekar trees, the un-plastered wall, and one of the men pulling down his shalwar; other one was probably waiting for me to move out before he could remove his shalwar. I moved away. Thanks to me!


Susanna said...

How annoying to have photographers to just show up when you're bathing! ;-) (Just joking.)

Ameer Hamza said...

Thanks to God that they were not women, otherwise all hell would have broken.

Susanna said...

Next time, I'll try to check my comment before posting, so it resembles something like English! Do women use the spring at different times of the day?

Ameer Hamza said...

Women don't wash here but they do come here to bathe. There is a separate room for them where they may wash themselves using this hot spring water.