Friday, November 11, 2011

Places in Pakistan: School children, Phander

Date: 22nd Sep, 2011.

Here I was on the bridge, previously blogged about, standing among good, cheerful school children. They were returning from their school, talking, discussing their 'miss', and what not. I think some of them were also discussing the match they had won. I imagine watching the match but off course I was wandering their village streets. I requested the boy on the extreme right of the frame to line his fellow students for my frame. Initially they were a bit hesitant. But then they agreed. I think they looked good while standing on the landmark bridge of their village. Someone even asked me whether I would be sending in the photograph at their address. I am not sure if I answered that properly - or even, correctly. But they were glad that someone had come looking for them, as it were. I was happy to have shot such cheerful students.

Good day to all of you!


Susanna said...

I'm sure the kids were excited that you wanted to photograph them. Does Phander have a lot of visitors?

Ameer Hamza said...

Susanna, thank you for your interest. Yes, indeed, Phander and the Gilgit-Baltistan province sees a lot of foreign and local travellers. This lake is a favourite with travellers along with the famed Shandur mela, where highest polo is played in the World. More of it later.