Monday, November 7, 2011

Back trek to Mithramdan : Day 8 / Zain with Ibex horns, Wargoth

Before we left our friend and group member, Mr. Zain, found, much to his amazement, a pair of old ibex horns. They were partly damaged but were still stately. And very heavy indeed. So the problem arose about their safe passage back to Faisalabad, where Zain resides. That was solved by one of our porters. And to commemorate this most auspicious find I asked Zain to place the horns over his head and hold them till I may shoot. It was difficult for him, although he is a strong man, but he managed it in the end.

We were now happy. Pakistan remains an unexpected country and nowhere in the world are you likely to find such precious horns lying in the forest for 12 years! That can only happen in Pakistan and that's one good reason why Pakistan remains such an attractive destination for foreigners despite so many bombs going off.

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