Monday, November 21, 2011

Pakistani truck, Indus Highway, Sindh

We were going to Sehwan Sharif. I think we were four then: Me, Suffian Adhia, Raja Islam and Uzair Tahir. Or, maybe, one of the last two were missing. I cannot now recall because I don't have a group photograph. But I can very clearly recall the heat outside the car. The heat of Sindh is remarkable: It can kill you instantly.

This decorated truck was moving slowly in front of our speeding car. Being a double track (2-way traffic) the incoming cars were not allowing any space to move ahead of this truck. I took advantage of this situation and took the shot using, perhaps, Raja's Canon. I am happy with the results. And I am always happy when I see well maintained, decorated Pakistani trucks on the road. They are a moving form of cultural / folk art.


Susanna said...

Perfect shot!! Great capture of this art form. (I love how they always paint inside the Toyota logos.)

Ameer Hamza said...

Thanks a lot.