Thursday, November 17, 2011

Way to Lowari tunnel and top, Pakistan

And we were here, almost. We could just make out the haze surrounding the famed Lowari top. I could have been dreaming. The Pakistani trucks, decorated like brides, coming towards us in a single, slow, steady file. We weren't allowed to take the photograph of this very sensitive place. Our driver had told us to take photographs but discreetly. But the Army wallah had specifically requested us to avoid them altogether. Our ID cards had now been seen more times than in all of our 12-day trip previously. There was certainly something wrong with this place or the sensibilities. And then, I was reminded by our friend that during past Eid 250 Pakistani madrassah boys had been kidnapped by Taliban from across Afghanistan. More recently they had killed lot of Pakistani soldiers here. Understandably, photography was not permitted.

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