Tuesday, November 8, 2011

End of Trek: Scarifying lamb

Last day at Mithramdan
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The last night didn't go well at all. There was some heavy, cold rain when we were returning to our camp. And we four were rather late - me, Adeel, ZAK and Tanweer. The mood wasn't good and everyone was now demanding accountability from Tanweer. There was a general agreement at Mithramdan that we have been betrayed by the trekkerz group and that we need to have our money back. The night was cold and quarelsome and Tanweer along with his stooge, the dimwit Talat Saeed, felt the heat. Zahid bhai profusely abused both of them and was going to slap Talat when he was persuaded not to. It was 9 vs 2 and even our cook, Mr. Haibat Ali, looked disturbed that night. Dinner was served and eaten fast. And we all slept.

Next day, before anything else, Zain had already bought himself a year old lamb. He was celebrating his big achievement on the trek: Finding the horns as lasting souvenir of an incomplete journey. He himself slit open the lamb, removed the skin and cut to pieces its tender flesh. And he also cooked it for us in two parts, salty and masalla. His claim that he is also a cook was verified but the bitter taste from last night did not go away

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