Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making ablutions at Shrine of Hazrat Mian Sher, Sharakpur Sharif

Date: 8th June, 2011.

This is my friend and travel partner, Adeel, making Wuzu (Islamic ablutions) at the Mazar / Shrine of Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad. About him, one website has this to say, 'Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad was one of the famous Saints of Punjab who got a reputation in Naqshbandiyyah Series (Silsala). He was born as a saint.' ..... And, 'With his blessings many dead hearts were lightened with divine light. Even still now his name is called with respect and devotion.

The Naqshbandy forefathers of Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad migrated from Kabul to Punjab and lived in Qasoor. Then migrated from Qasoor to Hujra Shah Makeem and then Sharaqpur. The father’s name of Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad was Mian Aziz Aladdin. His ethnicity was Arian. His family’s professional business was cultivation. Hazrat Mian Sher Muhammad was born in Sharaqpur in 1865 CE (1282 H). After his birth from his body and shining face, the symptoms of as a saint were clear.'

You may read full details about this and other Saints of Sharaqpur Sharif (Lonely Planet Guide to Pakistan pronounces it as 'Sharakpur' Sharif).


It is essential part of Sunni Barelvi belief system that before entering graveyard (qabar'istan) and therefore, any Tomb / Shrine, one must be ritually pure. Therefore, we Sunni Barelvis make wuzu before making our hazri (appearance) in front of Sufi Saint.


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