Sunday, November 13, 2011

Places in Pakistan: En-route to Mastuj, Pakistan

Date: 21 Sep, 2011.
Time: 5.13pm PKT

You can imagine our condition while looking at this photograph of my sleepy, tired friend, Adeel. We both were more tired than the other three for we had walked over 5 Km earlier in the day. Other three had spent most of their time in or around their room, fretting about the NATCO bus. And they had missed truly wonderful photographs. They would regret it when I showed them the day's results.

I cannot remember the name of this place but the name of the restaurant was Shandur and it was our pit stop on our way to Mastuj, now very near. At dusk we reached Mastuj and it was dark and cold. And there was a cheap hotel to stay at. But one kind stranger offered us his home and food for a night.

I always wonder about the incredible hospitality of Pakistanis of rural areas. We urbanites may never imagine such levels of kindness extended to complete strangers. But here we were in his house, munching away at brilliant pears and apples and gulping down kehwa.

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Ameer Hamza said...

Correction: It was 22nd September, 2011 and not 21st, as mentioned in the blog. The error is regretted.