Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feeding marsh crocodiles at Sufi Shrine, Karachi

Date: 3rd June, 2007.

This is Sheedi, or black man, standing among the most dangerous crocodiles on Earth: Marsh crocodiles from River Nile. No one knows how they ended up here, thousands of miles from their original place, in the barren of Karachi at a Sufi Shrine near Karachi (now Manghopir, as this place is called, is part of Karachi due to horizontal expansion of the city).

The legend is that these crocodiles are actually lice of the Saint, who threw them into this spring. And they became crocodiles!


reptile shops said...

Oh my! This is really happening. I mean crocs are dangerously huge creatures.


Ameer Hamza said...

Yes, they are huge. Once it was estimated that there are around 100 or so of these in this hot water pond. I am not sure what is the figure now. But the incredible fact is that, the caretaker of these crocodiles told me that never have they ever harmed a human being. Well, that requires some fundamental research into their habbits.